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1 definition by overlapp3d

When two people have hooked up with at least one person in common, usually used when the number is a lot more.
Thaddeus: Bro, I finally got to fuck Jocinda last night!

Tyrel: That's not coo Thad. We have too much overlap already!

Thaddeus: Come on man. Eunjeung, Latoya, and Ana...so with Jocinda that's 4. You're just jealous that you couldn't get it up and she never came back.

Tyrel: Fuck you man, what about Puja and Juana? That's 6 hoes dude. That's too much.

Thaddeus: Oh shit, you're right man. Too much fuckin' overlap. We gotta stop.
by overlapp3d October 19, 2012