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shenanagens that take place between multiple partners, usually of the same sex, while completely nude. Usually takes place during juvinile activitys unsupervised by adults, such as: sleepovers, public bathrooms, boyscout retreats, and summer camps. During "naked robber" usually little to no sexual intercourse takes place.
"you're just jealous because me and Steve-dave are going to have a sleepover at his mom's house. And were going to be doing bodypainting and playing naked robber."
by outercourse June 08, 2006
to trip or be out of control while on a "pleasure drug" such as X, heroin, or cocaine. The term is of course loosely based around the drug abuse history of former-child actor, Corey Feldman.
"Dude, check out lewis! he just did like 8 lines, and he is straightup feldmaning all over the place!"
by outercourse June 08, 2006
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