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2 definitions by ostrichbean

adjective: disgusting / egotistical / pretty much anything negative.

Comes from the sound one makes when throwing up. Often used when a more specific and suitable adjective cannot be thought of.
The colour of that car was... bouergh
by ostrichbean January 21, 2013
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Someone who completely fails at life and is naturally bad at everything he does. He cannot speak and has fewer rights than half of a squashed maggot's intestine. The only thing he is good at is falling or fAiLinG and his only purpose in life is to entertain others by being held, totally helpless, while someone repeatedly flicks his left testicle.
Yosh: ...
person A: let's Jesus Yosh
(Person A and B hold each of his arms while C flicks his testicle and 5 more watch and laugh)
by ostrichbean May 17, 2012
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