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When one is using the toilet and poops, the poop falls directly under the anus of the person on the toilet and the water in the toilet shoots straight into the person's anus.
I used the Mt. Pleasant Bidet, of course!
by osittyo April 04, 2011
Shorthand for a notification on Facebook
Mike: "Oh man, something I said on Facebook must have really pissed someone off last night."

Logan: "Why do you say that?"

Mike: "Well, I woke up to seven noteys this morning."
by osittyo March 19, 2012
The act in which a female must hug every person to say goodbye following a gathering of friends.
Ryan: "Hey Mike, I thought you guys were leaving 30 minutes ago!"
Mike: "Yeah, I`ve been waiting on Sherri. She`s been on fembrace status since we originally said we were going to leave."
by osittyo December 21, 2010

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