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member of the simpsons forum who felt he should be a part of TDC cos he's a sheep. doesn't actually possess any intelligence or personality, but instead leeches off everyone else's. thinks he's far more mature than he actually is, and underneath is just a n00b that can spell (yes, i'm aware of the "thank you captain obvious" factor of that comment). is friends with the most stupid of people: see strangergoat, ricket, flaaron and spoonabula
dilbert08: i think maybe i should go and join those n00bs over there, i would have a lot in common with them. maybe i'll ask them to join TDC like me!
by orgabulator June 07, 2004
One who lives at Menzies
"Woah! That Menzian is driking moat water!!"
by orgabulator May 26, 2004
The moat is a body of still water. It has been known to contain many stolen shopping trolleys, and, as the rumour has it, a dead body, and Syphilis. It is often drank by Menzians.
the moat water is SO not fit for drinking.
by orgabulator May 26, 2004
Sticky-taped together at the wrists and other various body-parts, many Menzians copulate awkwardly. This is often followed by a ceremonial drinking of Syphilis-infected moat water.
"After we'd done it the normal way, he asked me to do it Menzies Style!! I nearly threw up, especially with the thought that I have caught Syphilis from him!!"
by orgabulator May 26, 2004
A tranformation of the orgabula which depicts the multiple orgasm achieved with the aid of a spoon.
"Last night, after dinner..."
"You forked him?!"
"No, he spooned me. I'll draw you a Spoonabula"
by orgabulator May 26, 2004
Half a muffin. Discovered when Glenn College was stingy and only gave us muffin halves, instead of a whole one.
"I'm gonna put this muff in my fridge for later"
by orgabulator August 22, 2004
1. A place which is far away from any place which is deemed to be inhabitable by the human species.
2. AKA "Dawson's Creek"
3. A place you can be when you find yourself in a troublesome position..usually floating without the aid of a paddle
1. I wanna go to the party, but it's out near bloody shit creek
2. I wanted to watch TV but my sister was watching shit creek
3. Oh, I just ran over nan's cat..now I'm up shit creek without a paddle
by orgabulator June 03, 2004

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