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A woman of integrity and honor. A female equivalent to a mensch.

The opposite of a bitch. Not to be confused with a wench.
"Jeannie invited her adult son to vacation with her. What a wensch she is."
by orangefoxca May 23, 2010
a process of rendering something more agirlable to chicks.
The predominance of celeb gossip in the 'news' is just one more example of the missification of society.
by orangefoxca November 06, 2012
The fear of those who fear queers.
If you hope Rick Santorum gets caught in a rent-boy sting, you might just suffer from homophobiaphobia.
by orangefoxca April 09, 2012
Penny-pinching; close-fistedness
Running a local newscast via remote control is the depth of beancountery.
by orangefoxca July 05, 2011

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