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To have a shit at such a high velocity, or having it break off early and having the toilet water splash up and get in your ass hole.
Fuck my shit was heavy and small so I got lots of after splash.
by oojuu March 26, 2003
When you mash your fingers up on the tiny strings.
"MeddeLY Meedly Meddly meedly Meedly Meddly Meedly MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
by oojuu April 30, 2003
To throw an object with a snap of the wrist side arm, applying a spin to the object. Making have the force to hit something and bounce off it.
"I'm gonna fucking humm this at tyson"
"A fuck! My eye!"
by oojuu March 24, 2003
To get under the influence of any substance as long as there is alcohal envolved, as the main substance or just as somthing to add to it, in a manner where you don't flaunt it.
"Hey man, wanna get outofer?"
"The party?"
"Nope, I'm gonna get outofer here"
by oojuu March 24, 2003
A common foe whom is found in most places of the world. The person to dullard ratio is probobly around 1:20. A dullard usually follows people around, noses into what you are doing. And usually sucks at everything,
" So what courses are you taking next year? Yea, I was gonna do that, you shouldn't take that, So I'm the leading scorer of my host league hockey team..."
by oojuu April 05, 2003
When someone is so fucking ignorant on a subject that you get so mad you mess up your words and say this. So very uneducated or miss enformed.
Skank - "(Somthing)"
You - " Your so ignorfuckingant "
by oojuu March 26, 2003
a discruntled substitute teacher that likes to impress his students with his muscles, wise cracks, and web sites. To make up for his lack of knowladge
"Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla!"
by oojuu April 30, 2003

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