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A small town in northern California commonly acknowledged to produce beer, wine and marijuana of the highest quality in the world. Boonville has also developed its own language, Boontling, to keep brighlighters from knowing what is going on. Locals, also known as Boonvillains are known to be quite frisky in bed and to sport large packages. Some attribute this to the water, but most likely it has to do with the high frequency and long duration of sexual encounters.
Hot City Bitch: Damn, my pussy is sore!

Yuppie dude: Why's that?

Hot City Bitch: I went up to the beerfest in Boonville and got plowed all night by a Boonvillain!
by oogabooger November 12, 2011
noun: (oh-lee)

A name of scandinavian (Norse) decent meaning "of royal nature". Olie is short for Olan which was a name reserved for warriors of royal or godly decent. The name Olan conveys a distinct sense of masculinity and power yet refined and sophisticated at the same time.
Olie is often confused with Ollie which is short for Oliver, whih is another cool name.
by oogabooger November 16, 2011
A person born and raised in Boonville California and deemed by his or her peers to be worthy of the monicker. Boonvillains are characterized by the potent combination of microbrew, THC and psilocybin coursing through their veins in the place of blood. Boonvillains are generally quite friendly and mellow, and are only known to become seriously upset when someone stands too close and accidently steps on their cock.

Note: There are posers at the annual beerfest who wear shirts that say Boonvillain, most likely wishing they were real Boonvillains. Sadly they never will be.
Damn, that fool had some dank herb, he must be a Boonvillain!
by oogabooger November 12, 2011

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