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2 definitions by ontoast4life

offspring of a regular balla, with similar qualities such as high ammounts of pride, numerous hoes, and most commonly skilled at basketball. a balla on a budget has fewer ammounts of bank than a regular balla, and therefor is forced to downgrade his balla theatrics, aka his ballet (pronounces ball-ay) show, i.e. he makes it hail instead of making it rain, etc
yo sucka, im a balla on a budget, i make it hail
by ontoast4life November 25, 2010
a phrase put on the activity section of ones facebook info, usually placed at the end, to insinuate drug or alcohol use, most commonly marijuana. "and two more" is also common
basketball, chillin with friends, doin st00pid shit, and one more...
by ontoast4life November 25, 2010