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The most perfect ass in the world.
I instantly jizzed the 1st time I saw Keyra's ass.
by onethirtyeight May 05, 2005
A ham and cheese sandwich.
Cham sandwiches are good.
by onethirtyeight June 01, 2005
Grey Poupon is the nastiest looking mustard in the world, I don't know why rich people buy this shit.
Excuse me sir, do you have any Grey Poop-on?
by onethirtyeight June 05, 2005
When you join the Navy, they give you the "Death Star" which is when they take you on a private vessel with just one other guy. The guy then blindfolds you, asks you to get on your knees, and then flops his nuts all over the top of your head.
John told me they gave him the Death Star!
by onethirtyeight May 19, 2005
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