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2 definitions by onecoolc

Phoenix Wright's personal assistant and friend in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney video games. She is a "spirit medium" who can channel the spirits of the dead through her body, and is next in line to be the head of her spirit channeling technique.

Maya is also a dedicated fan to a cartoon that was made up for the Phoenix Wright games, The Steel Samurai.

She is Mia Fey's younger sister, cousin to Pearl Fey, and daughter of Misty Fey.
Person One: Miles Edgeworth is my favorite character from those games!a

Person Two: No way! Maya Fey is so much better!
by onecoolc July 08, 2009
31 3
A fan of the Gyakuten Saiban or Gyakuten Kenji video games. Generally, If you know what it means, you are one for the reason that these games go by the name "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney", "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney", or "Ace Attorney: Investigations" in the United States.

A Gyakutard will obsess meaninglessly over their games, often writing fan fiction, drawing fan art, cosplaying, or participating as a voice actor in either a game run-through or the Phoneix Wright Musical Project.

Gyakutards are known for being a relatively literate and enjoyable fan base, if a bit insane at some points.
Did you see that girl? She had Edgeworth on her T-Shirt! Must be a fellow Gyakutard!
by onecoolc July 08, 2009
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