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A fan of the Gyakuten Saiban or Gyakuten Kenji video games. Generally, If you know what it means, you are one for the reason that these games go by the name "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney", "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney", or "Ace Attorney: Investigations" in the United States.

A Gyakutard will obsess meaninglessly over their games, often writing fan fiction, drawing fan art, cosplaying, or participating as a voice actor in either a game run-through or the Phoneix Wright Musical Project.

Gyakutards are known for being a relatively literate and enjoyable fan base, if a bit insane at some points.
Did you see that girl? She had Edgeworth on her T-Shirt! Must be a fellow Gyakutard!
by onecoolc July 08, 2009
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a name used to denote fans of Phoenix Wright games, and more recently Apollo Justice, the name is a combination of "Gyakuten Saiban" (The Japanese name for the series) and "retard". Depending on usage, it can have similar connotations to /b/tard, be generally offensive, or just be used as a general grouping name.
Did you see him/her yell "Objection" in the middle of class? They must be a Gyakutard.
by Sexcockatiel March 02, 2008

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