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Noun, female.

An extremely and/or mind-bogglingly attractive female. The word is formed from sheer inability to articulate a better way to express just how physically breath-taking a person is.

This is usually referring to the face alone although not necessarily restricted to it.
James: Jennifer Connelly, zomg! Shes so...gileeh! GILEEEEEHHHHHHHH!!!!
#hottie #hot #sexy #beautiful #gorgeous #attractive #perfect
by onebutters November 17, 2006
Can be abbreviated to PTP.

Literally means someone who pulls the ethernet cable out of their computer during a game. This is typically done when the plug puller is losing the game and wants to quit, but does not want to be blacklisted. The purpose is to put forward a pretense that they lagged out and did not quit.

Plug pullers often have the mistaken belief that other players will actually think they lagged out, when in actual fact it provides more incentive to blacklist the perpetrator because it means that others must wait 60-70 seconds rather than have it over quickly.

Player1 has left the game

Player2 (All): HAHA pull the plug!
Player3 (All): Goddamn, not another plug puller, why don't they just quit outright?!
Player2 (All): ...remake
#ptp #leaver #quitter #plug puller #dota
by onebutters September 25, 2006
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