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physical proof against a wall that a couple committed adultery in a baby nursery
Craig totally cheated on Holly J with Manny! I mean danng, check out the butt smudges on the wall.
by omgitskee June 01, 2011
A sound one makes when something unexpected happens, or a mistake is made. It can also be referred to as a shortened version of "Oops", except it's used more casually.
Op, Drew and Eli are fighting. Is this the end of a bromance?

Op, I helped my ex cheat on his current girlfriend in a baby nursery.
by omgitskee June 01, 2011
When one is uneducated enough to put their sexuality into percentages.
Hali: Okay, I'm not straight...I'm really like, 80% lesbian.

Everyone else: .....Bitch, excuse you?
by omgitskee June 01, 2011
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