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When you have to pee really bad but are stuck in traffic and just can't hold it any longer.
I really shouldn't have stopped for that beer after work because the freeway was jammed and I had a traffic accident- now I have to get the car detailed to get the piss out of the seat.
by Omar O. Ungh October 06, 2010
"Starfish" by just about any definition in Urban Dictionary. Used in text.
U ( * )
by Omar O. Ungh February 13, 2011
A big hairy pussy.
If you're thinking of taming that loin lion you'd better bring a whip, chair, and razor!
by Omar O. Ungh February 10, 2011
Irrefutable evidence of one's idiocy despite all efforts by others to prevent it.
A- Hey, check this out- I just bought this knife that is supposed to be so safe they say it's "idiot proof"...oops...OW!

B- Well, there's your proof. Now lets go get you some stitches, idiot.
by Omar O. Ungh September 21, 2010
A police helicopter.
Damn, I dint sleep cuz dat ghetto buzzard circlin' all night.
by Omar O. Ungh March 04, 2012
A ridiclulous appearance resulting from failed attempts by someone to deny their age through adopting a fashion of a younger generation.
So, for your 40th birthday you went out and got a makeover? Well, the fluorescent hair and nose piercing makes you look...youthy!
by Omar O. Ungh February 10, 2012
When riding a bicycle while cleated onto the pedals the rider comes to a complete stop, fails to release his feet from the pedals, and crashes to the ground at zero miles per hour.
I got to the top of the hill, came to a stop, and zeromph! There I was laying in the crosswalk, still clipped in.
by Omar O. Ungh January 30, 2014

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