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The Mexican-Beverly Hills of Los Angeles. It experienced White flight in the 90's and is now populated by mostly Mexicans. The city is divided into 3 sections. North Downey along Florence is the Rich area. The area along the center(Firestone) is okay. The side along Gardedale is Ghetto. The ghetto side borders Paramont (Black town). The Whites that still live in Downey are the ones who couldn't afford to move out to Orange County w/ the other Whites. The Mexicans are mostly middle class. The Mexicans are building taco-mansions (Mexican masions resebling a Taco Bell building)in area along Florence.
Downey was nice until the Whites left.
Downey was nice until the Mexicans moved in.
by oldriverschool August 08, 2007
giving oral to a girl on her period
She forgot to mention she was on her period....now i have clown mouth
by oldriverschool July 25, 2007
City populated by mostly Mexicans and Mexican Immigrants. Popular for its Mexican Cowboy clubs (El Paral, Lidos). Bordered by Lynwood, Downey, Watts, and Paramont. The side bordered by Downey is the nicest part of S.G. The side further west past Long Beach(Watts) is the rougher part of S.G. 2-high schools, South Gate and Southeast, and East LA College extension. Not as ghetto compared to some of its neighboring cities
"Last night I picked up on fine mexican girls from South Gate"

"The vaquero clubs in South Gate are great place to find some mexican hoochies"

"There are some mean cowbanggers in south gate"
by oldriverschool July 25, 2007
The weirdos you see in hollywood, or the areas of Hollywood where weirdo hangout together.
What happen to Tom Cruise, he so very Hollyweird.
by oldriverschool August 09, 2007
popular mexican night club located in Cudahy, California. The club features Norteno music. Most guys dress in chalino-sytle, mexican drug dealing cowboy (vaquero). The girls wear sexy hoochie attire. Comparable to other Mexican clubs in Los Anegels, such as Lidos, El Parral, and Rodeo.
Hey, lets pick up some beautiful mexican girls at Potreros.

Piesa, i saw all kinds of hunnies at Potreros last night
by oldriverschool August 09, 2007
A Mexican club in South Gate California. Guys dress like vaqueros (mexican cowboys). Girls wear hoochie attire (showing skin). Competes with El Parral, Potreros, and Rodeo
I love going to Lidos. I always hookup with some fine mexican hoochies here
by oldriverschool August 09, 2007
Big bulky homes mexicans build when they move into a new neighborhood or refinance there homes. The homes often resemble the old Taco Bell restraunts(minus the bell on top of the building)
The city of Downey is full of Taco Mansions.
When the Mexicans moved into our neighborhood they built up their taco mansions.
"Hey, i just refinanced my home, let me now build my taco mansion. Orale. Viva La Riza"
by oldriverschool August 08, 2007

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