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7 definitions by old handle

A 7-second video. Origin: Vine app.
*makes a vine*
by old handle August 20, 2014
The worst thing in the history of man. When your iPad, iPhone, or other devices with autocorrect built in changes a word to something that doesn't make sense.
I heard mom got stung by a few bees this morning, is she ok??? Hospital???
She's ok now. No hospital. She had to take the deep penis.
Uhhhhh... What?
I had to inject her with an EPIC PENIS. Oh for Christ's sake, this auto incorrect. Epi Pen
by old handle July 06, 2014
Why the fuck are you searching up angry
by old handle July 21, 2014
Mama is a small-child word for Mum or if you're a American user Mom. It is usually the first word that a small child says, along with "Fuck", "Shit", and "Dada".
Child: Mama! Mama!
Mum/mom: What, my little baby?
by old handle July 06, 2014
1. A 4-legged, intelligent animal that would probably kill you if it was a little bigger.

2. a.k.a. Coital Alignment Technique. A sex position that is similar to missionary but the man's chest is at the woman's shoulders.
Guy 1: Me and Freya had sex last night!
Guy 2: Oh my god! What position did you do?
Guy 1: Well, we're both not very experienced so we did the cat!
by old handle August 14, 2014
Football is the best sport in the history of man, not including wizarding sports like Quidditch. For U.S.A users, it's soccer. You kick a ball into a net, and shout and scream for the rest of the match because you scored.
Guy 1: Hey, I scored a goal in football today!
Guy 2: Well, I scored ten goals in my football match!
by old handle July 04, 2014
1. A wet fart.
2. Archaic second person singular past of be.
3. Something I randomly typed into Google to see what would come up.
1. "Oh no, I werted!"
2. If thou wert mine, I would be in heaven!
3. "wtf, wert is a word?!"
by old handle August 22, 2014