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5 definitions by old balls

Noun: USMC slang for liberty, which is any time you have off of duty or away from work.
DUDE: Where you going on libbo man?

HOMIE: I'm picking up ole rottencrotch and headin to TJ Dude.

DUDE: Cool beans man, can me and the skank catch a ride?

HOMIE: Sure Dude, but you're buying the gas.

DUDE: Not a problem.
by old balls December 27, 2007
adj: Someone in the military who was eligible for promotion to the next rank due to time in grade but did not receive it.
DUDE: The colonel's outta here next month man, he's been passed over three times for that star now.

HOMIE: No shit. Not surprised, he's not what I'd call a "people person" ya know.

DUDE: Werd. How does a micro-managing prick get that far up anyway?
by old balls December 27, 2007
noun: Slang for a woman's anus who prefers not to shave.
DUDE: How'd it go last night?

HOMIE: It was cool until she spread her cheeks and that hairy starfish winked at me.

DUDE: Oh man that's scary. Well, did you go on in?

HOMIE: Naw man, wasn't feelin up for a safari after all that Borski.

DUDE: You candy ass!!

HOMIE: Yeah I know, I'm worthless and weak.
by old balls December 27, 2007
Noun: USMC slang for detachment.
DUDE: Were you on that Greek Det back in 2000?

HOMIE: Hell yeah man, and it was cool too until the 2-star took our libbo away.

DUDE: Yeah man, what an ass clown.
by old balls December 27, 2007
noun: A military unit that is dispatched from a larger unit usually for special purposes or missions.
DUDE: Remember that CWAR detachment we were on back in 99?

HOMIE: Yeah man, we were way out in Egypt, site 60 or something. There wasn't anyone around except those Mexicans that night.

DUDE: Yeah that was some funny shit. That idiot Welford thought he was Border Patrol.
by old balls December 27, 2007