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2 definitions by ohnoitsthefuzz

Awkward "X" refers to any word or phrase created as an alternative to the "awkward turtle." This is often done to try to enhance the funny of the original idea, or to rank the new word in reference to awkward turtle, but tends to end up being a painfully obvious "third joke."
"Seriously, awkward turtle was pretty damn funny when the person first came up with it, but now people are trying to keep the funny on life support but end up third joking the shit out of it...the advent of the awkward "X"."

Awkward dog, awkward monkey, awkward military junta, awkward pork chop, etc etc etc.
by ohnoitsthefuzz October 07, 2007
9 6
The written form of the slang term high used by incredibly lame and uptight people, even though the term has been in use since the dawn of time. Often used in reference to the effects of drug/chemical use and how its, "destroying our children, " etc, etc, etc. Simply read the examples aloud in the tone they're written and you'll see just how irritating this usage is.
1. Children often snort antifreeze mixed with paste in order to acheive a "high"
2. Johnny would come home from school every day and get "high" off his dang marijuana cigarettes.
by ohnoitsthefuzz August 16, 2007
5 4