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someone who upon entering the gym does gratoutus amounts of curls, does unnecesary workouts on squat racks, benches, olympic workout stations and constantly stares at himself in the mirror after every work out. These douche bags have the tendency to leave their toweles on machinery around the gym expecting that no one will use them even though they themeselves are doing other work outs
innocent bystander: begins to to set up the olympic station for some deadlifts

Towlie: "Hey man what are you doing? can't you see my towel was here? Did you move it!?"

Innocent bystander: "sorry bro ive only noticed that no ones been using the station for the past 5 minutes and i seen that you were doing arm curls"

Towlie: "So what if i am, im still using this station for my shoulder raises"

Innocent bystander: alright man i'll wait 'til you finish (who does shoulder raises at an olympic workout station meant for power cleans and dead lifts)"
by odoylerulez November 06, 2010

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