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A term to describe the company I work for
when my co-worker and I quit.
When we walk out, this place is so fucked.
by ocu-pie May 04, 2003
The noise one makes when entering work and acknowledging co-workers. The grunt is understood between the two, and is usually stands for "fuck, another day at this shitty place!"
When I saw Fred as I walked into hell...I mean work, we looked at each other and grunted. He must be disgruntled too.
by ocu-pie May 04, 2003
What the Papa John's Pizza employee yells
when you walk in on him in the bathroom cause he forgot to lock the door. He is naked and his clothes are in piled in the corner.
When his mom walked in the bathroom and caught him beating off, he yelled
ocu-pie-d, ocu-pie-d
by ocu-pie May 04, 2003

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