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1. When a person in the south is snowed-in and has never experienced being shut indoors due to bi-polar weather. Typically, the person will try doing homework, cleaning, sleeping, and any other activity to keep from going crazy. After that, they get extremely angry, but can only take out their anger by yelling at the walls or worst case scenario punching holes into walls.

2. When a person goes to get their keys to go for a drive and realizes that they can't because everything is iced over. The said person then gets super anxious and starts doing crunches, push-ups, and pull-ups to get out the excess energy. Will even go as far as to do stairs to pass time.
Scenario 1:
Ben enters Blake's house:

Ben: Dude what the hell happened in here?

Blake: Oh, during that random snow storm I got real bad cabin rage and started punching in my walls to keep from going crazy.

Ben: You need go to anger management class.

Scenario 2:

Alisha: Do you remember that last snow day?

Sam: Yeah, I got cabin rage so bad that I got a six pack.

Alisha: I wish I got cabin rage.

Sam: No you don't...I was sore for days after wards.
by obwait February 01, 2011
A guy who is a manwhore, a cheater, and an all out asshole. He also sleeps with any of his girlfriends' sisters, cousins, or step-sisters.

However, for a guy who can be a huge asshole, he grows a conscious when around an innocent girl a.k.a. virgin.
Aleks: I'm so f*cking frustrated right now.

Virgin: What's wrong Aleks?

Aleks: I haven't had sex in two weeks.

Virgin: Well if there's anything I can do let me know...

Aleks: I will not have sex with you!

Virgin: I didn't know I was offering.
by obwait December 13, 2010

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