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An act of sex where one participant uses their saliva as a lubricating agent in an attempt to choke them self repeatedly on the recipient's (usually) rigid, hairy, poorly cleaned, veiny, swollen, throbbing, possibly infected male sex organ that, from a hole in the tip (also used for discharging urine) leaks an oily substance. This substance (seminal fluid) is a precursor to the blowjob's finale (orgasm) where when the level of sexual excitement peaks (accompanied by loud groaning, grunting, eye contact with the recipient's sexface, possibly unwanted facefucking and deepthroating), it spasmodically spurts a pungent fishy, chlorine or bathroom cleaner smelling, salty and bitter tasting, sticky whitish fluid into the mouth, on the face and in the eyes of the participant who then swallows and licks clean or spits out leaving only the taste.
Girls do this because they know that boys really like it and they are desperate to be loved and/or think that giving head will make them popular (it will). It will also reduce their level of class to that of a skank ho if not done properly and discretely. If you are notorious for giving blowjobs (good or bad) then you are automatically a skank ho. Those girls that talk about being experienced are automatically a skank ho. You have to give a blowjob like you mean it. You have to love to do it and you have to love the one you are doing it to. Otherwise you are a skank ho.
Heidi was a sweet girl, but then everyone started talking about her because she gave Wayne a blowjob and he said she was no good at it. Then she gave more and more guys at school blowjobs to prove she had experience and skill. Now she is a skank ho.
by observer#1111 October 06, 2012
The accumulation of shart residue, butt sweat, butt grease, toilet paper bunnies (aka dingleberries), urine, semen, smegma, yeast, pus, lint, hairs butt cheese and other anal or genital excretions brought together in a crotch furnace or swamp ass. Schwit is generally collected around the butt-hole, gootch, ballsack, taint, muff and/or cooter and even all the way up the butt crack and under the muffin top or rolls of a beer belly in severe cases. Generally accumulated on a hot and humid day while working outside. The consistency varies according to the exact contents and ranges from toothpaste to syrup. Everyone's schwit has it's own unique fragrance, but generally a few familiar odors are recognizable. Schwit is responsible for 58.3% of all skid marks and is commonly visable on wearers of khaki pants. Schwit is not corrosive, but due to it's abbrasiveness, it does cause skin irritation. A quick fix for this irritation is a toilet paper biscuit or put-it.
You know, I really like hiking with you out in the wilderness on this beautiful summer day, but the one thing that I don't like about it is having to smell this god awful schwit.
by observer#1111 November 29, 2012

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