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A band that started in the early 80's that possess, and probably created, several of the compulsory characteristics for playing metal. E.G. - long hair, skull paraphenalia, tight jeans (preferably ripped), at least two albums with 8 (minimum) or 9 (maximum)tracks but still under 50 minutes long.
by oblivion cunt October 13, 2003
the collective term for faeces.
"I heard that he chogged in the fish tank before using it like a crayon to draw on the walls."

"I can feel a chog brewing in my guts."
by oblivion cunt October 13, 2003
anything and everyfuckenthing - verb, noun, adjecive, condom

"it is a mass small object"
by oblivion cunt October 13, 2003
Skin or: skn, kn, unsungkn, child of kin, skun, scalp, skull.

A skin is a skinhead who possess aAny one of, or combination of, the list of characteristics below...

kick-ass skater, member of tough metal band, swiller of alchohol (often wine from 4 litre casks), someone who is constantly making references to the pros of having a skinhead haircut and/or someone with a vague aura of general, all-round obliviosness either some, or all of the time.
1. "Look at that fucken skin, he doesn't even know what's goin' on!"

2. "Wasn't that meant to be written as 'child of skin', man?" "No, no, 'child of kin'".

3. "I am getting a skin today."

4. "How's it goin skun?" "Not bad kn."

5. "Check that fucken oblivion kn." TRANSLATION= "Look at that outrageously confused person with a hair cut that is cut very close to one's scalp."
by oblivion cunt October 13, 2003

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