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To punch in the testicles.
Spanky was running his mouth again, so Jay took it upon himself to skun him and shut him up.

When Jay wasn't looking, Spanky skunned him so hard he dropped to the floor.
by torgis May 04, 2009
Past tense of "skin up/skinning up" as in when rolling a joint
"Yo Hansel, have you skun up yet"

"I skun up earlier, you skin up you tight cunt"
by Mrmyke00 March 28, 2015
you're really fat, but its shortened from skinny but that term is being used sarcastically so it is shortened to skun.
"omg lisa looks so skun in that dress."
by emmieeeee1234 October 05, 2011
Removed of its Skin.
it is now skun.

one day i awoke and looked out my bedroom window to see a de-skinned/skinned horse hanging in a tree, and i said to my father "the horse is skun"

true story.
by Ashyr September 04, 2008
Another word for a 1oz bag of weed.
Yo, let me get a skun...
by Adam November 01, 2004
A derogatory more degrading term for calling someone son, who isn't in fact your son. Considered very disrespectful. Used to show authority or empowerment over a person. Basically labeling the person you refer to as skun your personal bitch.
Joe, "Go get me a beer skun!"
Bitch Boy, "What kind of beer sir?"
Joe, "You know I only drink King Cobra 40's skun!"
by The Muffin Man August 29, 2006
The byproduct of cat skinning. Has nothing to do with Grabley Skun unless things are getting REALLY kinky.
The dog ate all the skun the night after we ate chinese food.
by Big D November 17, 2003

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