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noun - The number of virgins that a terrorist is given after blowing up their target. (virgins' genders may vary)
BOOM!.......Are you my 72 virgins?...Ah shit...
by obamapproved May 24, 2009
When someone (usually a parent) tells you a story about how they used to complete a task that is almost exactly like one you have to do when they were your age in order to get you to perform your task the same way. They do not say it is advice - they just tell you the story and leave it at that.
Person 1: I'm doing bad in this class. The homework's so hard.

Person 2: I know, just last night my mom was giving me story advice about her old study methods. It's so annoying when she does that.
by obamapproved December 02, 2009
when someone is using the computer (either while doing stuff with files on his/her desktop or while on myspace) and someone else comes in and tells you to open a bunch of your own stuff just to see what you have/tells you to click on their ex's myspace homepage so they can see what that person is possibly saying about him/her.
1: "hey joe, what are you doing?"
Joe: "usin the computer"
"open that file, now that one, now that one. what's 'my tax payments 97?"
Joe: "stop second hand snooping me, dammit!"

2: "are you on myspace?"
"yeah, why?"
"search (name of ex). I wanna see what he/she said about me"
"no, i'm not gonna second hand snoop for you. Do it yourself."
by obamapproved September 11, 2009
simple: vagina(l)-ravage(ing)(ed)
guy1: "i totally gave my gf some ruthless vag-ravag last night."
guy2: "what's that?"
guy1: "i absolutely ravaged here vagina"
by obamapproved September 11, 2009

to change from one stereo type - usually the teacher's pet/honor student - to emo (normally a highschool freshman or an 8th grader); adding an emoticon - like and smiley :) or a wink ;) - to a text message, IM, etc.
"you know that kid jimmy? I remember last year he used to be the pefect little goody-two-shoes, but now he's totally emo. He had a complete emotization, what a douche."
by obamapproved May 24, 2009
The same as an anniversary, but for the first time you ever have sex or fo the first time you ever have sex with the person you are currently dating, married to, etc.
(if your first relationship is when you first had sex, then it would be a double entendre)
1. the 12th this month is my sexiversary for the first time I ever fucked someone, but the 10th of next month is my (girlfriend's/boyfriend's/spouse's) and my sexiversary for the first time we've ever had sex.
2. yesterday was my (girlfriend's/boyfriend's) and my sexiversary.
by obamapproved September 11, 2009

The act of rubbing someone's back (mainly on the spine or within an inch or two of it) so well that the person gets incredibly horny and you perform oral sex until he/she has an orgasm.
Aw, man, last night my girlfriend gave me the best spine job. I practically gave her a bath...
by obamapproved May 25, 2009

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