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Vodka mixed with a blue colored juice, mainly the blue Hawaiian Punch.
Guy: "What you drinkin bro?"
Guy2: "BLUE DOOM!"
by o ReVelatioN o March 17, 2009
Something that is the opposite of "entry-level." Seen used to describe a band or musician, relative to other bands in the same genre; to poke fun at trendy kids who constantly need to remind everyone how obscure their musical tastes are.
So, today I was totally listening to this one instrumental-avant-garde-progressive-post-metal band. You've probably never heard about them though, they are so.. exit-level.
by o ReVelatioN o July 20, 2010
Accidentally clicking 'like' on something on facebook such as a status in the news feed. The primary cause for mislikes are touchscreen devices such as the iPod Touch. This occurrence can range in seriousness depending on the nature of the item and / or the person who posted it.
Girl: "Why did you like my status that has nothing to do with you? Wait a second, who are you anyways???
Guy: "Oh shit, sorry. I misliked it while I was scrolling through my news feed on my iPod. Damn you fat fingers!"
by o ReVelatioN o November 10, 2010
To take the heat for somebody else, for a number of possible reasons.
Johnny and Jimmy stayed out way too late at the bar, and because Johnny has been on thin ice with his girlfriend lately, Jimmy agreed to take aggro for Johnny when they returned.

Johnny's girlfriend: "Where the hell have you two been all night? You said you were going to be home 4 hours ago!"

Jimmy: "I'm very sorry Linda, it is my fault. Johnny insisted that we get home on time, but I had some pressing matters to attend to. I will get him home to you much earlier next time."

Johnny's girlfriend: "Thank you for your honesty Jimmy. I guess he's off the hook this time."

(the next day)

Johnny: "Thanks so much man, you really saved my ass last night."

Jimmy: "You owe me one buddy."
by o ReVelatioN o August 10, 2010
The attempt at growing a beard, by somebody who is not fully capable of doing so. Often worn by males between 13 and 20, and are usually composed of peach fuzz or sporadically placed hairs of varying lengths.
Nah man, I'm working on my near beard!
by o ReVelatioN o December 04, 2010
The nigger version of "ask".
Yo lemmee aks yo a keshten fo sho nigga or i be poppin you in dat dome of yours. Fool.
by o ReVelation o May 22, 2008
A genre of music, closely related to Nu-metal. It is difficult to objectively describe this genre without sounding like a complete cock-wad, so it is probably better to just list some band names instead.
Shitcore bands:
Linkin Park
Papa Roach
(Insert name of band that is a corporate piece of shit designed by some office dwelling record company executive to appeal to your average teenage idiot who is oblivious to what real music is.)
by o RevelatioN o May 19, 2008
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