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Luke's Mom - noun - 1. A female that fornicates with anyone for meager wages, a case of Old Milwaukee, or a carton of Newports. 2. Human receptacle of semen, urine, or the occasional fecal matter.
That bitch was totally a Luke's mom.
#lukes mom #luke #mom #whore #gutter slut #white trash
by nw968 January 06, 2012
The advanced version of spooning.

Extreme Spooning is the art of spooning while creating as much skin on skin contact as possible, to become more and more like a human pretzel. No sort of sexual penetration is required for extreme spooning but is often encourage.
Courtney: So my boyfriend really wasn't into sex last night but he did hold me.

Ashley: Well that was nice of him. I assumed he spooned you most of the night?

Courtney: Well, it was a bit more then that. We laid in bed naked, with his legs twisted around me and his hands running all over my body. I could definitely tell he was ready for some forking but it didn't happen.

Ashley: Honey, you've just experienced extreme spooning.
#extreme #spoon #spooning #cuddling #extreme spooing
by nw968 July 13, 2012
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