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Where a driver has more of a tan on their forearm, according to which arm they put out the window of the vehicle they drive in, which receives more sun than the other one that is inside the car. It was originated from the truck driver as they drive long roads and long hours.
Johnno: I've got a big trucker's tan on my right arm.

Jenny: I saw, it looks odd.
by nunChaKu May 10, 2007
A driver that honks at an attractive person to indicate their appreciation to them. It is often seen as rude and obnoxious.
Andrew beeped his horn at the attractive pedestrian.

Pedestrian: You horny driver!!
by nunChaKu May 10, 2007
Another word for a vagina, a term which is used in a silly tone.

Pronounced: poo-nan-ee
Person 1: Hehehe, punani.

Person 2: Yeah, lol.
by nunChaKu May 05, 2007
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