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A.k.a The Italian End of Day Report, The Italian Showdown

When You enter your boss's office, while looking him dead in the eye whip out your dick and yell: GUARDA!!!...GUUARR-DA!!! ( Guarda=Look) as you slap your cock on his desk over and over with sufficient force to leave an oil mark.

(Joe): Heyyaa...this work you did is shit...you got 30 min and I want it done on my desk...Go.
(1 Hour & 34 min Later)
(Massi): Hey Joe....Guarda...GUARDA!!!!
(Joe): :|....I think I just got Italian Showguned
by Numba1 February 05, 2014
A.k.a Shamonito, Shamo

Someone who is as dumb as if he was slapped in the face with a shovel. Sort of stinging sensation he gets in his brain when he tries todo math. Lacks any common sense or isn't aware of the most obvious of ideas.
Ex.1 - The Other Guy

(Bro): Hey yo...You know that Jay Kid...He's aight eh?
(Massi): Ahhw maan..He's a fuckin Shaymo.
(Bro): Ye-yeah

Ex. 2 - The Kitten

(Sis): AWWWWW, Jack is soooo CuTE!
(Massi): ...He's a little Shay-mo but..I mean...yeah, he's cute.
(Sis:) :) Cuchi Cuo
(Massi): ...Shaymo....(Pokes cat repeatedly)....Shayyyyyy-MO!
by Numba1 February 05, 2014
When a person is getting to close

When a person is messing with you

When people is looking at you wrong
mann she got 2 close, so i did a supaspin and 360 slapped dat hoe!
by numba1 August 19, 2007
When a person acts up in da club

When a person is getting on your nerves

When a person is asking for it
don step on my fly gear, awww shii imma have to supaslap dat hoe!
by numba1 August 19, 2007
A word that describes hood talk

A word that describes expression

You can use this word everytime you finish a sentence

I went to da club, da girls wanted me boiboi

don waste ya time, supaslap dat hoe boiboi
by numba1 August 19, 2007

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