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A really slutty worthless ex girlfriend you only went out with in the first place because she could put both feet behind her head.
Oh my god, it's my skankawhorus ex. What a bitch.
by numAt March 10, 2003
A street in las vegas where cuban people live. They sell small air purifiers so that they can buy cocaine. Stay away from these people because they know how to shoot you from 6 miles away with a pistol because of heavy counterstrike playing.
Brandon lives on panocha street.
by numAt February 20, 2003
A bunch of people that conspired to take away every liberty of the people so that they can be that much more pure and controlled. This group then gave these people a belief in supreme being that supposidly watches over then 24-7, knows everything they do, and knows where to send them if they screw up.
OMG Bryson, what a mormon.
by numAt January 29, 2003
When a guy makes you so mad, you force his mouth up to the corner of the curb, so that he has the corner inside his mouth, then you stomp on the back of his head, splitting it in half.
1) "That guy's stealing my car!" BAM BAM, "I shot you!" Dragging body... "Put your mouth on the curb! NO? K, I'll force you"... STOMP!
by numAt May 06, 2003

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