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Is a contraction of the words pill and Chillicothe. Chillicothe is a small city that sits in the scioto valley in south-central Ohio. The highway that goes thru the city is a well known drug trafficking route, linking Columbus and parts of Kentucky. The rapid increased abuse of pills in the region, starting in the late 1990's, is what led to the nickname.
"Another kid overdosed this week. I guess that's Pillicothe for ya."
by num1shinfan February 27, 2012
Not to be confused with pissed, pist can be used as an adverb, or interjectionally to describe something as extremely good, or bad. Whether it's meant to be taken as good or bad depends on the tone in which it's used. A high pitched, happy excited tone usually means it's good, whereas a quiet, lower pitched, or angry tone probably means it's bad. It is sometimes common slang used in punk rock subculture with it's origin in the 2002 song "that's pist!" by southern Ohio punk rock group Jesse Virgin and the Neverfucked
Use meaning good "how was the party last night?" "Ah, man, that shit was pist!"

Use meaning bad "I got robbed." "Ah, man, that's pist!"
by num1shinfan February 27, 2012
A nickname given to the playstation video game console due to it's long loading screen time.
"Hey, wanna play a game of chess while the next board loads up on my waitstation?"
by num1shinfan February 27, 2012
Kitchen jargon: The receptacle used to filter dirty grease out of a commercial deep fryer. Or any food waste receptacle connected to a piece of cooking equipment, such as the grease tray on a George Forman grill
"Before you punch out for the day I need you to change the shit pan."
by num1shinfan February 27, 2012

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