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4 definitions by null set

$cientologists' version of god, he made his prisoners watch movies, sort of an intergalactic MST3K, which are now the world's religions. Then he nuked the world 95,000,000 years ago. (Source: Operating Thetan-III, the part of their religion $cientologists don't want you to read.)
by null set July 29, 2003
Conjunction meaning either the thing preceding it or the thing following it, but not both.
I'll order a pizza xor Chinese.
by null set July 29, 2003
Porno, pr0n, peep shows...You get the idea.

An etymological note: An "X" rating used to mean a film wasn't rated. (In fact, one X-rated movie, Midnight Cowboy, won an Oscar.) Pornographers got hold of the X in the 70s, and soon the X became associated with ill-repute. XXX is just a way of advertising it.
I'm probably the last user on the planet who hasn't seen Pam and Tommy's XXX video.
by null set July 29, 2003
Address on the web, such as www.foo.com
by null set July 29, 2003