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1. A lazy room mate
2. A room mate who doesn't pick up after himself.
3. A room mate who plays video games more than CMBourdage but not a single game such as DoD
Manta is so lazy, he skipped morning run, went to breakfast, and went back to bed.

Gosh Darn it Manta! get your crap out of here!

Manta skipped class again so he could play cs source.
by nueb October 25, 2004
1.One who plays DoD numerous hours.
2.One who watches videos of himself playing DoD durring the hours he isn't actually playing.
3.One who talks about DoD durring non DoD activities, such as while eating or running.
DoD DoD DoD the plus means better, better get a nade primed. Look out CMBourdage just went prone on top of that building. You guys wanna skrim?
by Nueb October 20, 2004
1. Steam account owned by one Brian Horst
2. A phrase often followed by the words "the plus means better"
3. What seems to be CMBourdage's favorite expression.
bEE plus, the plus means better!
by nueb October 25, 2004
An obscure facial expression where the lips move in opposite directions and the head is cocked to one side. Most often made by Manta.
Show us the Manta Cat!
by nueb October 25, 2004

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