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the best borough in new york city
if you go to brooklyn, you're cool
by nox.the.king July 29, 2006
Originally came from Korean. The Korans use the &#12619(won't show up here); symbol to represent laughter. In StarCraft, using the Korean writing system isn't allowed. So, unfortunately for these poor koreans, they had to express laughter somehow.

&#12619(won't show up); is the hard k, (when pronouncing). It ended up being romanized to "kekekekekekee"

It's the equivilant to "hahhaha" or, "jajaja".

It's also commonly used by men who pretend to be cute Japanese children on the internet
Player2: llolz pnwned keke
Player3: omg stop it :((((((


sexygirl1837: hey im cute(<-- that's a guy.)
hotboi111: a/s/l
sexygirl1837: u first keke ^_^';
hotboi111: omg =^_o= XD :P
by nox.the.king July 21, 2006
a word which white girls from suburbia use to classify anything that isnt polka dotted/sugar coated.
Jenni:omg we look so ghetto in these nike sneakers!!!
by nox.the.king July 28, 2006
An ass raid is when 10 men with small dicks, squish their junk together in order to create one normal size dick.

After joining forces, they stick their dicks into the first ass they can find.
Hey, Flannigan? Whaddaya say about the mighty ten gettin' together today?

Deckster, i'm so happy you said that! Ass raiders unite!
by nox.the.king July 21, 2006
Data Encryption Standard - A standard method of encrypting and decrypting data, developed by the US National Bureau of Standards.
I can't believe we cracked the bank's DES!

by nox.the.king July 21, 2006
Chatspeak for Away-For-A-Crap
idiot1> sup
idiot2> brb
idiot2> afac
idiot1> what is afac
idiot2> go check on urbandictionary.
by nox.the.king July 21, 2006
sploosh is another word for jizz
I like it when you sploosh in my eye.
by nox.the.king July 28, 2006

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