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A game to which you mail blank post card to a person named Steve Johnson.

1. Each post card must have a post mark from a different city then before
2. It must never contain a return address, unless it is fake
3. Never mail it out from the town you reside in.

4. You must send out post cards as often as you can for at least a year

Optional rule #1: Should you find you’re self in a town that has a resident named Steve Johnson you can mail a post card to each of them with a return address the other Steve Johnson.

Optional rule #2: On occasion (a maximum of 5% of post card sent) can contain a short comical message such as "I hope your colonoscopy went well" but never sign it
Nancy: Hey dude do you mind if we stop at the post office before we head back home I wanna play Steve Johnson.

Henry: Sure thing I should send one out to my Steve
by notstevejohnson September 22, 2011
Someone who is both a duche and a tool
Fred:"Man Eric is a toolbag"

Eric:"Dude I am Eric! you are the toolbag"

Fred: "Sorry Dude I forgot you were you for a second"
by notstevejohnson October 06, 2011

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