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Only the most annoying prep school on the south shore. Filled with hockey playing jocks, who actually are so preppy to begin with that they wear khaki's outside of school. Girls whose skirts can never ever be too short, not even when we can clearly see the outline of the bottom of your ass. Usually, we can see your whole ass. Not accepting at all. Mostly everyone is full of themselves and ignorant. Nobody is going to make it in the real world unless you're still living off your daddy's income. Extremely cliquey and sports oriented, if you don't do a sport, you suck! Everyone is closed-minded, and nobody is allowed to be different, or else you are cast off to the sides as "not cool enough."

We are too good to use the word snipe, so we decided that smoke would be what we would call it.

The so called popular kids are faker than barbies.

And the girls don't know how to sit properly in desks while wearing a skirt. PLEASE CLOSE YOUR LEGS. As much as you may think so, nobody wants to see that. Not even that cute hockey player that sits across from you.
you all just suck.
"thayer academy"
by notoneofthem May 18, 2009

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