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A black man that liberals are in denial about being born in a poor country in Africa. He used mainstream media to get elected by the uneducated, and the scared (people falling fast into foreclosure and losing their house weather he got elected or not). He clearly has racist ties, and doesn't deny the fact that he is unwilling to put his hand over his hand on his heart during the national anthem. He spends more money than a hot 23 year old house wife with an 90 year old millionaire that is on his deathbed. He is also slowly allowing the government to take full control of the U.s. citizens.
Liberal - Who is Barack Obama again?

Educated man - You know, the guy you elected as president because you didn't pay attention in U.s Government and Economics class, because you were born with a silver spoon in your hand.

Liberal - I wasn't born with a spoon in my hand....
by notbrainwashed July 21, 2009
syn for - Performing a number two. See definiton - To take a shit.
1. I have to take take a huge Obama, and if I have enough energy I just might wipe my Joe Biden (ass). That all depends on how much (noun) President Obama is willing to pay me with my own tax dollars,.... to wipe my own Joe Biden or (ass)

2. I wouldn't Obama you,... you're my favorite turd.
by notbrainwashed August 05, 2009
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