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Welcome to the remainder of compulsory education. uniforms, crap Jamie Oliver school lunches, Harder work, and students who seriously lack individuality. If your lucky you will get 1 no uniform day a year and you need to pay to wear your own clothes. School lunches will be served by old women who's only other option is a pension and the dole. 1st year students will cause chaos since there in 'big school' and feel somehow more important than the other 1000 or so in school. Highlights include fire alarms being set off, bank holiday Monday's and trips. Teachers who complain about their wages, or lack of and think we give a shit, some of us do, some teachers are great, but they are few and far between. my best friend lost her virginity at 13 and gets drunk most weekends, started smoking at 11 and is constantly in detention. My friend, lets just call her 'b' cuts herself, talks about suicide and takes overdoses so she can be sick, fall asleep and get out of P.E, another girl who is popular and really pretty, her mum died when she was young lets call her 'c', has tonnes of mates but gets drunk and cuts herself, sleeps with boys. she's really drunk and regrets it the next day. another girl, 'd', mum + dad is a teacher and the pressure on her to do well is overwhelming, jokingly she gives a cheeky reply to her father 'yeah yeah', grounded for a month. high school is sugar-coated, they can make pretty uniforms, they can build new schools but teenagers will always be the same.
teacher = 'ok everyone, do the starter questions, i need to begin a class because there teacher isn't here, we will check the answers when we get back'

class = *quiet*
teacher = *walks down corridor*

class = *lots of talking* 'Jessica is Stacy really?' 'Have you seen the new episode of' 'Ah ha ha!' *jumps on table* 'Shut the fuck up you mongo heggy!'

1 girl = *SHHISH! she's coming*

everyone else = 'shut up! she's coming' 'shhish!!'

one really loud person = 'SHISSSSH!'
everyone else = *glares*

1 minute later they realise she's not coming

everyone = 'ahh' *frustrated sigh' *continue to speak random stuff*

me = who wants gum??

everyone = 'me!!' 'can i have some pleeease!!' 'YOU'LL BE MY BEST FRIEND'

me = 'go on, take the whole fucking thing! have a field day why don't you?'

me = *working on starter questions*
them = *quarrelling over gum*

teacher = *walks in* *see's boy on desk and lots of people trying to get chewing gum*

teacher = 'i can't leave you for 5 minutes! unbelievable! the amount of cheek! your like little nursery children! the other teachers were complaining about the amount of noise'

teacher = *looks at us doing work* *looks at the rest of the class* 'i bet you haven't even started those questions! lack of respect, oh and heggy, go to the year head, oh and don't forget this punishment'
us = *sniggering*
teacher = 'these people are an example you should all follow!, now get on with your work'

this is what Secondary School classes are like
by notafraidtospeakup June 06, 2010

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