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Someone who can usually be found chatting away on Yelp Talk incessantly, contributing their 2 cents worth to all sorts of chat threads about things so vapid as asking others how much lint they picked out of their navel that morning in the shower... all in the name of trying to be the center of everyone's attention.
Jean The Bean is a Yelp Talk Whore. Day in and day out, she can be found on Yelp Talk or PMing her Yelp friends, unless, of course there's a Friday evening DYL (Destroy Your Liver), a Sunday DYK hike (Destroy Your Knees) or a Yelp Elite event happening somewhere.
by Not Really Me February 20, 2007
Group sex where the participants are all coupled together continuously like a train, engaging in various pleasures at the same time. Different from an orgy, which is usually several couples in the same room, or a gangbang, which is (usually) several men focused on one woman or man.
Watched a great porn the other night, 4 women & 4 men were doing a freight train!
by not really me February 11, 2004
Numpty - (pronounced nump - ti)

An individual with little or no understanding of a subject, who may find it difficult to learn by experience e.g. "See you? Ye're a grade-wan numpty - flyin' colours, nae kiddin'!"

Examples of people who are numpties:

Tony Blair (particularly with regard to his understanding of the UK electorate)

"Dubya" Bush (for his services to Play Station sales)
by not really me November 02, 2003
To have sex with three different partners within 24 hours.
I scored a triple header last weekend... Friday night I met M*** for a drink, then we shagged in her car. Saturday morning, I met A*** for coffee, and then we got a room. Saturday afternoon, I stopped by C***'s place and dropped a load in her too. Met all three on Craigslist too!
by not really me February 09, 2004

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