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1)The answer to every question that I ask anyone at my high school. Often said by either a) people who think it's fucking hilarious b) people who think it's fucking hilarious to make fun of people who think it's fucking hilarious, or c) people who are telling you to fuck off.
2) The person who gave birth to you. But not me.
1) (when I was a freshman noob)
Me: Hey, upperclassman senior man, could you please tell me where the bathroom is?
Upperclassman who think's he's fucking hilarious: Yeah, it's over near your mom. Fucking freshmen. (goes off to laugh with his senior freinds about how hilarious freshmen are)

2) I heard your mom was diagnosed with cancer the other day. Sure glad she's not my mom!
by noonsun November 30, 2008

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