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thirty blokes trying to kill each other with sticks. brilliant to watch but you've got to be irish to want to join in.
"i played a game of hurling last week and now i've only got half a face"
by noodlé January 14, 2004
overpriced nasty clothing worn by english football hooligans and other morons so that they can identify each other and start fights.

some burberry wearers will opt for just a scarf or baseball cap - but there are a select brand who consider themselves to be 'pure' and will not wear anything else. often this leads to problems as without any means of identifying which football team they support 'pure' burberry wearers will end up getting the shit kicked out of them even by people who support the same team.
i'm not a hooligan, i wear it cos it looks smart

you're just jealous cos' you haven't got a baseball cap wot cost £90
by noodlé December 19, 2003
shitty little vauxhaul car driven by a pikey. a nova can usually be purchased for about £150, but in order to be fully functional it needs to be filled with £8,000 worth of stolen stereo equipment (it's a well known fact that the engine in an average 1989 nova is not powerful enough to propel the vehicle up a small incline, and therefore the movement generated by some 'pumpin happy hardcore bass' is required to complete most journeys).

most novas are driven repeatedly around the ring roads of deadbeat english towns like mansfield and aldershot. presumably this is because the steering columns are all bollocksed so they can only turn in one direction.

the classic nova is now an endangered species due to the proliferation of the lesser-rusted saxo in many towns.
kevin's got a new nova, it's well bazzed up. ee's bringin' it raahnd t'circuit on sundeh
by noodlé December 19, 2003
large british city that is a bit like a bath that's just been vacated by a rugby team... ie. there's scum around the outside and fuck all in the middle.
"i don't want to go to birmingham, it smells of wee"
by noodlé January 15, 2004

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