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Scenesters encapsulate the sub-culture of a particular musical genre. One heavily relies on aesthetics and sartorial image to signify adherence to a particular scene. Scenesters of the post-modern era heavily rely on pastiche, imitation and revival. For scenesters, fashion is the most obvious sign of adherence to a sub-culture or musical genre. The history of the scenester image is rather rich. Perhaps more strongly for some and less for others, the scenester image encompasses not only the evolution of 20th century music, but also the deeper, underlying sociological change in culture and humanity by the inevitable force of globalisation and technological change. Scenesters are not only those who enjoy certain genres of music with the company of their common peers. The decadent scenester image is also attributed by the hedonistic lifestyles embraced by disillusioned individuals in response to political and cultural conflict and change, circa 60-80s. Scenesters are often labelled today as pretentious and self righteous. Central to the scenester image is the culture of elitism. This has caused the subjugation of various scenesters to mockery, critique and hatred. Different scenes follow by their often beliefs and principles, which conflict with other scenes or mainstream culture. Scenes gives individuals a sense of belonging to a clique. In western society today, the scenester image has been quickly adopted and marketed by corporations to sell and accumulate monetary profit. Some see this as the disintregration of the scenester image, as much of it is too brutally contrived by the consuming masses, absent of understanding or meaning.
indie, scene, alternative, pretentious, culture, scenesters
by nononononononononon October 28, 2007

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