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Vaginal/Anal Wall. A stupid asshole bitch. Someone between an asshole and cunt.
"You can't deal with this stupid asshole, and they are the most detestable illogical cunt."

Chuck D.
by none May 21, 2003
To deliver large amounts of semen
"Uh oh! Jimmy pulled a Bort!"
by None November 21, 2002
Someone that pisses off board kids. A person that is always speaking the truth even if it pisses people off.
Cuban B is telling like it is. What's new?
by none November 17, 2003
Can also refer to a particular type of Hand-Blown Glass smoking pipe. Usually one-of-a-kind, very intricate, and typically quite expensive.
(Other spellings: headdy, heddy...)
The price of headies, is usually quite excessive.
by none October 28, 2003
A dike who chomps on her girls clitorus
by none June 11, 2003
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