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The sexiest kid alive. He has really soft skin and a nice nose.
He is a Wayne Wong
by none November 01, 2003
A psychic cat Pokemon that evolves from eevee with frendship at daytime. It uses the fine hair that covers its body to sense air currents and predict its enemy's actions.
To evolve eevee into this kind of Pokemon, you must train an eevee at day with frendship. That means it must always win in battles and gain experience points.
by none October 12, 2003
the ultimite machine. a head turner. and a complicated machine that makes mechnices drop to on their knees with tears.
by none July 09, 2003
Can be anything, what ever you point out.
Look at thatjoint.
You see them joints she was wearing.
You heard that jointon the radio the other day.
by NONE March 05, 2005
n.) Someone who is an obvious bullshit liar. v.) The act of making a bullshit lie.

Of course this can also be used as an adj, adv, etc. The main idea here is that the word "fossitt" somehow relates to the most blatent, obvious lie you have ever heard.
n.) "Hey Tim! I won the lottery!""Alex, you're such a fossitt". v.) "Hey Alex, my car can go 300 MPH!""Really?!""No, I'm just fossitting ya! lol".
by none January 28, 2005
Moded. Like someone tricked you and you fell for it. Instead of saying Moded you say "YOU JUST GOT SHEEMED!" (thats our Language in the yay area 510)
"Haha! I tricked you and you fell for it you dumbass idiot!"
by None March 04, 2005
Get The draws
Got the draws

Translation: To have completed sexual intercourse
I GTD last.
I seen you with that boy last night.... Did you GTD?
by none January 30, 2005
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