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-a crappy isp for low lifes
-they give you 1000 hours of online time dedicated for loading the first "welcome" page
-america off line
-a good source of cds to shoot/constucth things/melt/or anything else
-forget buying clay pigons, i just use aol cds
-aol cds can be used for coasters
-aol cds can be used to reflect light in someones eyes
by none July 17, 2004
Innocent bands incorrectly accused of causing or encouraging the shooting at Columbine.
One of the guys favorite band's were Rammstein and KMFDM.
by none September 28, 2003
one with the force
none, none, none, none, none
by none December 14, 2003
Daughter Fucker
saale betichod, kya kar raha ahi?
by none June 24, 2003
A girl who is odd and energetic and seems original on the out side yet is unsure about life on the inside...life many girls
They loved how Tiia didn't go after fads but wondered if it was a cover.
by None February 13, 2005
Umbreon has a great advantage against psychic Pokemon but has a great disadvantage against fighting Pokemon. Unlike espeon, it's more like a fox type Pokemon.
If you want eevee to evolve into this, train it at night. It must always win in battles and gain experience points ONLY at night to evolve into an Umbreon.
by none October 12, 2003
Man's bat and balls!
Ohhhhhh my family jewels.
by none March 06, 2004
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