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Best game company known to man
I just downloaded Deimos Rising from Ambrosia software.
by none July 26, 2003
Basically the same thing as "blow me"
Bill: Make me some food!
Joe: Boss me.
by none March 06, 2005
Get The draws
Got the draws

Translation: To have completed sexual intercourse
I GTD last.
I seen you with that boy last night.... Did you GTD?
by none January 30, 2005
When there is an extreme case of saggin titties.

When you walk and kick your titties simultaneously.

Low perkiness, high saggage
Don't know body want to see them sandbags.

Do they even make bras for those sandbags?

Look she steppin on her sandbags.
by none January 30, 2005
(1)The two most leetest people in the world of gaming.
(2) The best characters on Red vs Blue.
Tucker and Church got in a Warthog and pwned everyone on the map.
by none January 14, 2005
The act of ejaculating into a condom while doing a chick and after words dumping the contents on her head
I gave her a frosted baloon when I was done doing her
by none February 18, 2005
melody giang
giangsta is soooo kyuuuute >.O
by none January 13, 2004

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