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n. Friends or blood relatives to whom we would actually choose to be related, because the relationship is mutually respectful, close, supporting and affectionate. The favorite people in our lives we would include in our family, whether they are blood-related or not, typically because we love them.
Gilda thought, "Why don't I invite the entire framily?," and made labels that included her best friends Tanya and CeeCee from school, her parents, her brothers, and Vicky from next door - they had become very close since Vicky first offered to watch the dog when Gilda went to Texas.
by nolana plume February 09, 2009
The process of getting over the break-up wherein you need to cleanse and purify your heart and soul, peeling off all the negativity of the relationship that has ended.
Nolana thought, "I should take Barbara's advise, and do some kind of cleansing ritual to get over that sad excuse for a fiancee. I know! Why don't I book myself a trip to Tahiti where I can properly de-ex myself? I'll swim in the Pacific, dance with the sexiest Tahitian dancers... eat wonderful food... ahhhh. I"m starting to feel rejuvenated already."
by nolana plume August 25, 2009
1. Verb - the act of removing someone from your friends list on any social network.
1a. Verb - the act of ending a friendship with someone either on a social network or in the 3D world.

Synonym - see "unfriend"
He was tired of always inviting Dave to things and never once did Dave show up. Not to dinners, not to movies, not to free concerts, not to the clubs, nothing. Most of the time, he never even got a response, yay or nay. And Dave never invited him anywhere.

Hal was through with the whole thing and after all this time, finally, defriended the one guy he thought would be his pal forever.
by nolana plume August 25, 2009
1. Verb - the act of removing someone from your friends list on any social network.
1. a. Verb - the act of removing someone from your category of friends generally, not limited to removing them as your friend on any social network.
Synonym: defriend

2. Noun - someone who used to be your friend, but you no longer consider them to be a friend, for any number or variety of reasons.
After Dave posted private photos of her wild sweet 16 birthday party, featuring much nudity and general craziness, Tilly thought he's just gone too far. So, she unfriended him on myspace, took him out of her buddies list, and deleted him from her phone contacts.

Sookie asked her a couple weeks later about it, "What, I thought you two were tight?" Tilly shrugged. "Well, we used to be bffs but now we're unfriends and that's just how it is."
by nolana plume August 25, 2009
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