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n. A small town in Montana. Population approximately 2,000. It's the kind of town where serial killers and the uni-bomber blend right in. There's plenty of seedy bars on the downtown drag that are frequented by a motley crue of female lumberjacks, ex-cons, miners and ladies looking for a fight. If you're looking for a man in Deer Lodge you won't find one, if your looking for the wrong man then you'll find more than your fair share.
v. deer-lodged; having been tricked most likely by severe alcohol consumption into sleeping with, much regrettably a female lumberjack, ex-con, miner or anyone from Deer Lodge, Montana.
I awoke deer-lodged, hungover and missing some teeth and my wallet in a roadside motel in Deer Lodge, MT.
by noMTnme May 28, 2011
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