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n. The propensity of a female to physically abuse a male companion, (i.e: husband or boyfriend)named for the vocalist/actress Liza Minelli, who allegedly battered her husband.
v. The act of physically abusing or assaulting a male companion.
If you don't take her out on your anniversary, she'll give you a taste of her liza minelli.

The source of his bruises was obvious: he had been liza minellied by his girlfriend.
by no-one of consequence November 23, 2003
a low-grade exotic dancer, usually not the most attractive dancer in the establishment, who performs for the hung-over, non-tipping patrons during morning hours.
The burnt-out, stretch-marked alcoholic can barely afford her skanky clothes with the meager wages of her a.m. stripper job.
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
The faceless moron who ruins things for the productive people on the surface with incomprehensibly illogical rules; regional manager. Resides in a subterranean world in which crack is smoked incessantly, and policy is written whilst under the influence of crack.
Business was running smoothly until the morlock crackfiend imposed the hiring policy. Now all the new hires are brainless, useless Eloi people.
by no-one of consequence November 17, 2003
Song by Stinky Whizzleteats, in the Ren and Stimpy episope with the Happy Helmet. Also the mating call of the crocostimpy. See: ren and stimpy
"I TOLD YOU I'D SHOOT! BUT YOU DIDN'T BELEIVE ME! WHY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME! Happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, joy, joy...."
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
chef who founded Spago, Trattoria del Lupo, and Chinois. He also has a show on the Food Network, which showcases his skills as well as his sexy accent.
She knew not whether she was drooling over Wolfgang Puck's food, or over the chef himself.
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
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